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Senior School

Welcome to Queen’s Gate Senior School. Girls enter the Senior School at the age of 11, from both our Junior School, as well as independent and maintained feeder schools from across the capital.

Our Senior School seeks to reflect our ethos in all that we do, providing a bright, positive and aspirational atmosphere. We are proud of the way that our girls throw themselves into all that we offer, whether that’s a super-curricular Geography competition, performing in the LIV Play, the House Swimming Gala or our range of pupil committees and societies.

Entrance to the Senior School is usually at 11, through the London 11+ Consortium examinations and interview or at 16 through our own assessments and interview. Occasional places in other years may be available. More information can be found at our admissions process page

No one-size-fits-all definition of success

Queen’s Gate Senior School girls are encouraged and supported to achieve at the highest level they can in their GCSEs and A Levels. Our aim is for each girl to be able to revel in the progress she personally is making, rather than compare herself to her peers, and to push herself to go beyond her own potential. We know that for some girls a grade 6 will have been harder to achieve than other girls’ grade 9s, so we make a point of celebrating effort and progress just as much as (if not more than) attainment. We know that each girl’s school experience will inform lifelong self-esteem and confidence in herself as a capable learner, and so we look to instil personal pride and motivation in each pupil, assets we know will help them thrive in adult life.

Fourth in the country for value-added (2022)

The success of our educational ethos can be seen in our outstanding examination results when, each year, we have countless girls achieve full sets of top grades. Alongside this, we see girls consistently outperform their potential, leading to our excellent value-added scores.

Senior School Results

Educating the whole person

We want girls who are more than their academic results, and to that end we enrich their experience with countless co-curricular clubs, trips and opportunities to get involved in our charitable and outreach work. All of these serve to ensure exceptional personal development, as well as providing our pupils with a rich and varied school life. It’s a true privilege to see our girls explore the many different activities we offer, finding, enjoying and celebrating their own gifts and talents. Our House system provides further opportunities for girls to take a break from academic studies, form friendships across yeargroups and have their chance to shine.

“Your girls are so natural”

One of the most common comments from visitors is how natural and at ease our girls are. When leading guests on private tours, our girls don’t need a script or pre-set tour route. Rather, they speak from the heart, show the school from their perspective, and enjoy getting to know our prospective visitors. Nothing could demonstrate better the unique atmosphere of Queen’s Gate where our staff and girls enjoy relationships that are warm, friendly but always professional and respectful.

Have values – and be valued

Our constant message to our girls is to consider how they add value to the lives of those around them, and to be mindful that this will invariably mean qualities other than their academic credentials. We make a point of celebrating kindness and consideration, of encouraging the highest standards of conduct, of promoting integrity and positive action. These values permeate our assembly and Form Time programmes, our behaviour expectations and the conversations we have within lesson and with individual pupils. We want our girls to go out in the world and be those adults that you can always rely on.

Summer Open Events

Welcome to Queen’s Gate! We encourage you to come and experience the vibrant warmth of our School in South Kensington by booking an Open Event below.

Senior School Open House – 1 July, 2024 from 9.00am – 10.30am

Junior School Open House – 19 June, 2024 from 9.30am – 11.00am

We will also be releasing our Autumn 2024 dates very soon, please click the link below, select “Future Open Events” and we will contact you as soon as the dates have been released.

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