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Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer different types of Scholarships from Junior School through to Sixth Form and a number of means-tested Bursaries.


7+ Scholarship

Two scholarships are awarded for entry to Year 3

  • One for a current pupil.
  • One, the Albertopolis Scholarship, for external candidates.

Each scholarship has a value of up to 10% of the value of the school fees and is tenable throughout the top four years in the Junior School.

Applicants will be asked to visit the School and take examinations in English and Mathematics. The Albertopolis Scholarship will be awarded based on results in these examinations, together with an interview with the Principal, and a report from the applicant’s current school.

If you would like to apply for the Albertopolis Scholarship, please contact the Director of Admissions, Mr Jim Denchfield:

Email: admissions@queensgate.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7594 4982

11+ Scholarship

The 11+ Academic Scholarships are worth up to 10% of the fees and are tenable through to Year 11 in the Senior School

Parents do not have to apply specifically for these scholarships as all girls will automatically be considered on the basis of their 11+ examination results, school report and interview.

Other Scholarships for:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sport

are also available at 11+ entry and parents will be given the opportunity to indicate which scholarships their daughter wishes to apply to after registering.

A letter supporting your daughter’s Scholarship application will also be required from either their current Head of School or subject teacher. Please request the letter during the Autumn Term prior to the examination so that we hold this information on file when the applications are being assessed.

A delay providing a supporting reference may mean that your daughter’s application is not considered.

Scholarship candidates will be contacted once their supporting reference has been received to arrange their Scholarship interview/audition.
All interviews and auditions take place in January, in the weeks following the Entrance Examination.

Sixth Form Scholarship

Scholarships and awards for girls entering the Lower Sixth Form are also available and the value of each will normally be up to 10% of the annual fees and will be tenable throughout the two years of A-Level Studies.

These are awarded in December of the year prior to entry to the Sixth Form. Further details may be obtained from the Registrar.

Email: registrar@queensgate.org.uk
Telephone: 020 7594 4982


We are keen to make a Queen’s Gate education available to as many girls as possible, including those whose families’ financial circumstances might otherwise mean joining us is out of reach. Having benefited from a bursary during her own secondary education, our Principal is proud now to be able to make the same gift to a new generation, and is committed to ensuring that the recipients have an educational experience that mirrors those of our other pupils.

Each year, we are proud to award a limited number of means-tested bursaries to applicants at 11+ and 16+. Bursaries may also occasionally be awarded at other points to relieve hardship where a pupil’s education would otherwise be at risk. These bursaries are worth up to 100% of the value of our school fees, and, where appropriate, will also extend to include school lunches, and some enrichment activities and trips. Please note that applicants for bursaries must have met our normal entry requirements.

Those wishing to apply for a bursary should request the relevant forms from the Registrar and return these no later than Friday, 22 November. These forms, along with the accompanying supporting information, will then be passed on for means-testing. In this process, a range of factors will be considered, including overall income, dependents, employment status or incapacity to work, investments/significant savings, regular outgoings.

Parents of pupils already at the school, who wish to apply for hardship support, should contact the Bursar in the first instance.

All those awarded a bursary are subject to an annual review, which may consider any or all of the following:

  • Ongoing attitude, effort and progress towards their academic studies;
  • Adherence to the School’s code of conduct;
  • Participation in the wider life of the School;

It is also the case that families may be asked to provide information on an annual basis to prove their ongoing financial need for bursarial support. Please note that in the case of selecting whether to offer bursarial support, the decision of the Principal is final.

Summer Open Events

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