Queen's Gate Girls in Queen's Gate Gardens celebrating the Coronation


Life at Queen’s Gate is endlessly energetic, always fun, and firmly committed to getting the best out of every day. From the moment our girls start arriving each morning, our corridors and stairwells are abuzz with chatter and laughter, as our busy staff and pupils move around our buildings, greeting each other warmly as they rush from one destination to the next. While most Junior School lessons take place in 125 and 126 Queen’s Gate, and likewise most Senior School lessons are to be found in 131-133, there is an endless crossover between our buildings, with girls and staff hurrying up and down the street. Add to this the endless stream of classes leaving for and returning from PE lessons offsite, it makes for a very lively atmosphere, where no two days feel the same.

When not in lessons, the girls in both the Junior and Senior Schools are able to choose from an extensive range of clubs to explore and develop their interests, gifts and talents. Pupils in both schools are given plenty of opportunities to get some time outside, whether by enjoying the roof terraces in the Senior School, outside courtyard in the Junior School, or joining one of the co-curricular activities that take place offsite. Older girls also have the privilege of being allowed to leave the buildings independently. Others may choose to take some quiet time in one of our Libraries, or join a teacher for a subject clinic.

Throughout each day you will find girls seeking out staff to plan new events, perhaps a charity fundraiser or the next MUN conference. Pupil committees will be meeting to provide feedback and put forward proposals for new developments. Sixth Form peer mentors might be catching up with younger pupils needing an extra word or two of guidance or encouragement. The sense of being part of a shared community is ever-present, and is particularly seen at times of celebration – our Christmas festivities are especially beloved.

Our school day ends around 4.00pm, although invariably clubs, rehearsals and concerts mean the buildings remain full of life until a fair bit later. Staff remain on-duty to provide supervision for those Senior girls who want to stay onsite to complete homework – the warm, familiar feel of school reflected in the regularity with which pupils have to be asked to leave once it is time for buildings to close.

Summer Open Events

Welcome to Queen’s Gate! We encourage you to come and experience the vibrant warmth of our School in South Kensington by booking an Open Event below.

Senior School Open House – 1 July, 2024 from 9.00am – 10.30am

Junior School Open House – 19 June, 2024 from 9.30am – 11.00am

We will also be releasing our Autumn 2024 dates very soon, please click the link below, select “Future Open Events” and we will contact you as soon as the dates have been released.

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