Why study Biology?

Biology is a diverse, interesting and ever-expanding science. The subject will show you how living things are able to exist, how plants and animals interact with each other and with their environment, and how differences between living things are passed on to the next generation. You will learn about the impact Biology has on our everyday lives through medicine, research and biotechnology, and you will better understand the science behind many key biological breakthroughs such as, stem cell research, cloning and human influences on the environment.

Biology is a highly popular subject at Queen’s Gate. It is taught by specialists as a single science throughout the school.  Our aim is for the girls to achieve academic excellence whilst developing an interest in, and enjoyment of, Biology both inside and outside the classroom. Each girl will also be encouraged to develop key practical and communication skills through investigations and discussions.

What Higher Education/Careers could this subject lead to?

Biology, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Sport Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Genetics, Marine Biology, Forensic Science, Pathology, Psychology, Nutrition, Education, Research, Environmental Science and Conservation.

KS3 Biology

At KS3 girls are taught Biology as a separate subject

Year Topics
(Year 7)
The features of living things

Cells and microscopy


Variation and classification


LIVth Form
(Year 8)
Diet and digestion

Breathing and respiration

Bones and muscles

Healthy living and pathogens

An introduction to photosynthesis

IVth Form
(Year 9)
The variety of living things

Biological molecules


Cell transport


IGCSE Biology

At Queen’s Gate School we study Edexcel IGCSE Biology.

Year Topic
Vth Form
(Year 10)
Diet and digestion

Breathing and respiration

Transport in plants and animals

The immune system

Homeostasis, excretion and hormones

The nervous system

Chemical coordination in plants

UVth Form
(Year 11)
Reproduction in plants and animals

Ecology and the environment

Variation, inheritance, selection and evolution

Microorganisms and genetic modification

A Level

At Queen’s Gate School we follow the Edexcel GCE Biology B course. Alongside studying the topics listed below, girls complete a series of core practical investigations in order to pass the skills component of the course.

Year Topic
AS Biological molecules

Cells and viruses

Classification, selection and biodiversity

Exchange and transport

A2 Respiration and photosynthesis


Modern genetics

Origins of genetic variation

Control systems