Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies aims to stress the importance of having well informed and carefully reasoned opinions about religious ideas and moral values. Students are invited to consider for themselves the basic religious questions which have occupied human beings in all times and cultures e.g. Does God exist? Is there life after death? Students are encouraged to develop a positive, respectful and tolerant attitude to those who hold different beliefs or none and to enhance their own spiritual, moral and cultural development.

The Religious Studies Department is also responsible for organising the annual Harvest Festival and Remembrance Day services and liaises with the Music Department for the annual Carol Service

The present programme of study is as follows:

Remove Year 7 An introduction to key tenets of the Christian faith

Life of Jesus

Bible/Torah Stories

Lower IV Year 8 Religious Truth, Creation and Problem of Evil and suffering

Islam Project

Life after Death

IV Form Year 9 Existentialism

Buddhism and Hinduism

Religion in the Modern World

V Form Year 10 Study of two major world faiths: Christianity and Islam

Students examine and analyse the religions’ core beliefs and practises

UV Form Year 11 Study of 4 different philosophical and ethical themes in relation to Christianity and Islam
Lower VI Form Year 12 A range of arguments from the study of the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics; for example, the teleological argument, the ontological argument, situation ethics, Natural Law theory and Virtue Ethics
Upper VI Form Year 13 In depth study of one major world faith: Christianity

A study of the world faith in relation to the philosophical and ethical themes already addressed

Visits are arranged when possible to places of worship in Years 7-9, including a Cathedral, Synagogue and Buddhist Temple. Tri-annually a trip to Israel and the Holy Land is arranged. Study days are also attended for the AS and A Level course by Sixth Form pupils at various locations around London.

The department has an excellent academic record and many pupils over the years have gone on to study Religious Studies, Philosophy and Theology at leading universities.