Careers and Citizenship Lessons in the Sixth Form

Each year group (UVI and LVI) is in three groups, rotating between: Careers, Current Affairs, Citizenship.

The syllabus is taught for the Autumn and Spring Terms. In the Summer Term LVI have only Careers lessons; UVI have individual tutorials based on need.

For more information on the careers lessons, please see the Careers page. Current Affairs lessons are based on a review of newspapers for that week and a discussion of topical issues arising. Citizenship lessons cover the following topics:

Lower Sixth

  • Public speaking and persuasion: revisit debating techniques
  • Study skills: organisation of time, notes. Effective private study
  • Revision and memory
  • Democracy and Parliament
  • Politics in the UK
  • World conflict and the role of the UN

Upper Sixth

  • The judicial system: law and the courts
  • Feminism
  • Britain: a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society
  • Science and society
  • Capitalism and consumerism
  • A right to happiness?