Why choose Spanish?

There are over three hundred million people throughout the world who speak Spanish as their first language. It is becoming an increasingly global language and may soon overtake English to become the second most widely spoken language. More than 20% of the population of the United States speaks Spanish.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries so learning Spanish is very useful if you intend to travel or pursue a career in journalism. The growing economic power of Latin America means that more and more countries are looking to Spanish-speaking countries for trade.

Spanish is relatively easy to start with: the basic points of grammar are simple and there is a direct relationship between the spoken and written forms.

Speaking Spanish opens the door to the rich, artistic and cultural heritage of Spain and Latin America.


At Queen’s Gate we will be following the course content of the new Edexcel IGCSE Specification for Spanish. To be able to take Spanish for GCSE you must have prior knowledge of the subject and  you should have shown a consistently good level of attainment in all areas during IVth Form (Year 9). 

How will the course be assessed?

Pupils will be assessed in the four linguistic skills of Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. There is no coursework component. Paper 3 is assessed separately.

Paper Skill Weighting Format
1 Listening 1/3 of iGCSE Externally Assessed: 30 minutes plus 5 minutes reading time
2 Reading & Writing 2/3 of iGCSE Externally Assessed: 1 hour and 30 minutes
3 Speaking Separately Endorsed Externally Assessed: 10 minutes

What will we be studying on the Spanish IGCSE course?

The new Edexcel Spanish IGCSE Specification from 2009 covers the following Topic Areas:

  • Home and Abroad
  • Education and Employment
  • House, Home and Daily Routine
  • The Modern World and the Environment
  • Social Activities, Fitness and Health

A Level

Spanish is one of the major romantic languages, the third most widely spoken in the world after English, rich in literature and poetry. Spanish A Level at Queen’s Gate offers you the advantage of having individual attention, with plenty of oral practice and an interesting course to follow.

The new AS Level rewards Spanish language skills and knowledge through pupil-focused assessment. As well as an appealing content it offers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of other Spanish-speaking cultures. Its aim is to prepare pupils to become well-informed and effective communicators.

During this course you will read and listen to authentic foreign language materials and will study aspects of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of the Spanish-speaking countries. You will also have opportunities to develop your understanding and awareness of spiritual, moral, ethical, environmental, health and European issues.

You will extend and develop your knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of the Spanish language and will be able to put this in practice by speaking, writing, reading and listening to the language.