Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Why Study Modern Foreign Languages?

Effective communication is the key to peace, prosperity and success.  In today’s world we have to interact on a global scale.  Governments, industries and communities all have to converse in foreign languages and they all need linguists.  An understanding of a foreign language further develops communication skills and openness to the world.  We believe that it is important for everyone to learn a language and experience the riches that other cultures have to offer.

Languages at Queen’s Gate

In Years 1 to 9 French is compulsory and taught throughout the school.  German, Italian, Spanish and French are offered in Years 4-6.  All pupils at Queen’s Gate have the opportunity to study at least two foreign languages to GCSE level, many pupils in our European Sections pass their IGCSE examinations with top marks in the IVth form (Year 9) and continue their foreign language study by completing an A level course in Vth and UVth (Years 10 & 11).

Our aims are for all Queen’s Gate pupils:

  • to communicate successfully in at least two foreign languages;
  • to experience the cultures of the languages that they are studying;
  • to operate successfully in an international environment.


The language tuition is supplemented by our programme of trips and exchanges which gives our pupils the opportunity to experience the culture and people in the target language country.


Our Faculty of seven staff demonstrates internationalism by example with its members originating from Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Where possible we aim to teach topics from cross curricular subjects, such as Humanities and Maths, in the target language thereby promoting the ethos of Content and Languages Integrated Learning.

Our Modern Foreign Languages Staff:

Dr Atufe-Kreuth German
Mme F. Collombon-Branson French
Sta. Gomez Spanish
Mme F. Leluan French
Mlle Manier French
Snr Mocci Italian
Mme Riglet French
Mr P. Solomons French
Mrs White-Da Cruz French & Italian Conversation