In the Mathematics Department, we aim to foster an enjoyment of the subject and provide a non-threatening working environment in which pupils feel supported and have the confidence to ask for help.

All girls are required to study Mathematics to at least GCSE level, and the iGCSE specification is taught. Girls have access to the same curriculum across the year group, but are placed in sets according to their learning needs.  At A Level, we offer the Edexcel Pure Maths, Statistics, Mechanics and Further Pure Mathematics modules.


Remove (Year 7)

In Remove, girls encounter a wide range of topics designed to consolidate number work and develop mathematical reasoning.  Mental arithmetic strategies are taught and practised regularly in class.  Although prior knowledge of algebra is not assumed, a range of algebraic skills are developed during the year.

Computer based activities and exercises that promote problem solving are used regularly to encourage the enjoyment of Mathematics.  Interactive Whiteboards are used in every classroom and girls have access to a bank of laptops at lunch and break

For more information about the Remove curriculum, please click here.

Lower IVth Form (Year 8)

In LIV, girls develop a greater understanding of algebraic concepts, using their number skills as basis of study.  They will encounter investigative tasks and be expected to present their findings using a systematic approach to include ICT.

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IVth Form (Year 9)

In the IV form, girls consolidate many of the previous year’s topics and strengthen their use of algebraic concepts to solve a range of problems.  Spatial topics become prominent and may be developed using ICT.

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iGCSE (Years 10-11)

At GCSE, pupils take the IGCSE Higher syllabus which covers a range of topics in number, algebra, shape and data while also allowing girls to gain additional basic skills in function notation, set theory and calculus.  The syllabus prepares pupils well for Mathematics at A Level.

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A Level (Years 12-13)

At A Level, we follow the Edexcel syllabus.  For the Advanced GCE in Mathematics, girls are taught the Core1- Core 4 Pure Mathematics modules and two applied modules in either Statistics or Mechanics.

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