Curriculum – Remove, LIV and IVth Form English


In Remove, the focus is on the development of English, beginning with Beowulf, the earliest known text in English; we move chronologically up to a twentieth-century novel, The Sword in the Stone, enjoying its anachronisms. Our Shakespeare play is an abridged version of The Tempest.

LIVth Form

Girls study fiction and its contexts through Animal Farm, and become increasingly confident in responding to Shakespeare in performance and analysis through the study of Twelfth Night.  Gothic short stories, a range of classic poetry and an exciting cross-curricular unit with a changing theme each year are also greatly enjoyed.

IVth Form

The highlight of IVth Form is the preparation for the exciting English Speaking Board examinations in which the girls have a great deal of autonomy. However, it is always a delight to see how thrilled the girls are to be studying Romeo and Juliet: a love of Shakespeare is endemic here. A very different portrayal of youth comes towards the end of the year with Lord of the Flies. We also begin to develop the skills needed for GCSE through non-fiction and media work.