The Careers Department provides advice and guidance to students when choosing GCSE and A Level options and preparing for Higher Education.

Below is an overview of the key decision-making milestones. The programme of support and activities take the form of lessons, interviews, booklets, speakers and pastoral day.

Year Term Activity
IVth Spring Choosing of GCSE subjects
Vth Summer Cambridge Occupational Analysts
Aptitude Testing
UVth Spring Choosing A Level subjects
LVIth Autumn


Cambridge Occupational Analysts Centigrade

UCAS/Higher Education preparation

UVIth Autumn UCAS/Art College/Overseas applications


Our Careers library provides a range of materials to support the pupils’ decisions:

  • A selection of university prospectus from UK and overseas institutions
  • Specific degree guides
  • Work experience and careers literature
  • Subscriptions to electronic resources ‘e-clips’ and ‘degree course descriptions’ are also available to all students