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Meanwhile, in 1892…

Posted on 17 May 2016 by Miss Amy Hinds, Communications Officer

Official 125th Anniversary Logo by ARCH Design StudioContinuing our celebrations of 125 years of Queen’s Gate, Wednesday 4 May saw the Senior School transformed for the day back to its Victorian self.

The year was 1892, and the day started as usual with a whole School assembly, under the (extremely) watchful eye of Mr Alter. Girls filed in in silence and the dunce hat loomed in the corner, awaiting its first victim of the day. Led by Mrs Kamaryc and Mr Alter, the assembly learnt about the news of the day and current world events, sang hymns, heard bible readings, said prayers and sang the National Anthem…not too much has changed in the past 125 years it seemed!

Throughout the rest of the day activities took place in classrooms, such as times table chanting in Maths and learning the origin of fruits and vegetables with Mrs Mayne in Chemistry. During LIV English, pupils were treated to three ‘Gothic Tales’ by actor Rupert Mason. The sinister stories; HG Wells’ The Red Room, The Signalman by Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poes’ The Tell-Tale Heart, left girls with a mixture of thrill, excitement and fright!

In break and lunchtime, there was the opportunity to play Victorian games including skittles, led my Mrs Ditchfield, buy sweets from Mrs Cratchit’s (aka Mrs Sexon’s) Sweet Shop, which raised money for Royal Trinity Hospice, and take dancing lessons.

The day was a great success and gave lots of the Queen’s Gate girls an opportunity to understand yet more about the history of our wonderful school. More information about 125 years of Queen’s Gate.