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Magic and make-believe with LIV’s Peter Pan!

Posted on 22 November 2018 by Miss Emily Acton-Edmiston

This year’s LIV took on one of the most famous children’s stories of all time, Peter Pan. With expert adaptation and direction provided by LVI’s Amandine Bodet Lefevre, Lara Brewer, Lara Garvie and Bonnie-Jane Goudie, this small, but perfectly-formed cast, injected the fun and energy that the story of Neverland requires. The Year 8 actors displayed talent beyond their years and it was a joy to be swept up in the magic of such a well known story. 

“All children, except one, grow up”.

Taking place on Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 November, the cast, ably-led by Zoe Weiler as Peter, and Millie Vorbach as Wendy, told a whimsical version of the tale of the boy who never grows up. From pirates dressed in leather jackets to a pro-gymnast Tinkerbell, these girls were out to impress their audience; and they most certainly didn’t fail.

Well done to all the cast and crew involved in making the show such a success. 



PETER PAN – Zoe Weiler
WENDY – Millie Vorbach
JOHN – Gabriella Murphy
MICHAEL – Kitty Searle
Mr DARLING – Victoria Liaudet
Mrs DARLING – Melinda Aznar
NANA – Carlotta Shahata
TINKERBELL – Chloe Bartholomew
THE SHADOW  – Maya Bostandjieva

CAPTAIN HOOK – Miya Amrouni
MR SMEE – Sophia Catino
SAM – Melinda Aznar
STARKEY – Maya Bostandjieva
MULLINS – Carlotta Shahata 

TOOTLES – Xanthe Cormack
NIBS – Ines Bartter
SLIGHTLY – Rada Kovatcheva
TWIN 1 – India Middleton-Roy
TWIN 2 – Rose Wolstenholme
TIGER LILY – Victoria Liaudet