Natalie Krouglikoff, 2011 Leaver

Job Title: Account Manager

Employer: Bloomberg

Which were your favourite subjects and teachers?

My favourite subject at Queen’s Gate was Spanish. I really enjoyed learning a new language and I loved my Spanish teacher, Ms Gomez. Classes were interactive and small; a great environment to learn a language to a very high level. Ms Gomez had very high standards but was a fantastic teacher. She had such a great way of teaching students which made learning a new language fun and entertaining.

What is your fondest memory of Queen’s Gate?

I look back with great fondness at all of my memories from Queen’s Gate. As Deputy Head Girl, I got involved in many extra-curricular activities such as charity work, managing the French Club and helping as an assistant teacher in French classes. These were great experiences which are still on my CV.

What do you think Queen’s Gate’s unique selling point is?

Queen’s Gate is a small school where every student matters. The teachers really care about your success, career and well-being. It’s unique to be in a school where your teachers will do everything they can to help you.

How do you think Queen’s Gate helped you get where you are today?

I honestly believe I owe a lot of my success to Queen’s Gate. Before Queen’s Gate, I came from a big school where I was underachieving and blending in to the background. I was very unhappy. Queen’s Gate gave me the confidence to believe in myself and strive for success. The teachers cared and did everything they could to help. I miss a lot about Queen’s Gate. I have only the best memories of my time at Queen’s Gate. I’ll definitely try to make it for the next reunion. The best years of my life were spent at Queen’s Gate.

Are you still in touch with QG friends?

Yes. I’m in touch with all of my QG friends. The friends I made at Queen’s Gate are friends for life. We have a unique bond as we all know each other so well. I still holiday with them!

What made you decide on your university course?

A Modern Languages student is very employable. Big multinational firms are desperate for students who speak foreign languages; especially in Europe. I would not have got my job if it weren’t for my language skills.

Tell us about your journey from university to your job now.

Once I’d graduated, I applied solidly for 3 months going to interviews daily. It’s not easy getting on the job market even if you come from a good school, university and have relevant experience on your CV. For Bloomberg I had 5 interviews- including giving a 20 minute power point presentation

Do you have any advice for those thinking of a career in Finance or using languages?

I would advise people to build up a strong CV from a very young age. I worked every summer for different organisations to get some experience. Queen’s Gate also offers many opportunities to build up my CV as you can easily get involved in the school and get positions of responsibility. These days having straight As and a good degree just isn’t enough, you need to go the extra mile to get a job.