Junior Pastoral Care

Junior Pastoral Care

In School Council you gather all the ideas from your class and put them forward. I enjoy being a representative because I like speaking about how we feel and how we can benefit the school.’ Kaitlyn, IIA (Year 5)

Queen’s Gate is a small school, with just one class for each year, enabling us to give our pupils a great deal of individual attention. It is also a very caring school, with a family ethos, where each child is valued and nurtured through close monitoring, and where support and extension are provided where appropriate.

Personal success is celebrated on a regular basis, and the annual prize-giving provides the opportunity for parents to share in this celebration. Rewards and sanctions are linked to the House system thus developing individual and collective responsibility for actions. Boundaries are clearly laid and there are high expectations in terms of manners and behaviour. We are very family orientated, we welcome siblings and the children of Old Girls, with the families of some pupils have a long association with the School over several generations. Our caring ethos extends beyond the School; girls are encouraged to involve themselves in raising money for a wide range of good causes including the annual Swimathon for the British Heart Foundation and the Readathon for the Roald Dahl Foundation. Children also use their initiative to raise money for charities of their own choice, and do so with great success.

‘All the girls at Queens’s Gate are warm-hearted and cheerful. Our motto is ‘Once a Queen’s Gate girl, always a Queen’s Gate girl.’’ Erika, III Form (Year 6)

The House System

Our House system enables us to provide an additional support network based on a vertical division of the School. Membership of Victoria and Elizabeth Houses provides the opportunity for older and younger girls to collaborate closely, and fosters healthy competition in a range of activities, including Sports Day.