Junior School Open Events

Summer 2020 Update

We continue to welcome applications throughout the Summer and will conduct assessments where there are occasional spaces.

All correspondence should continue to come to the Registrar, Mrs Ceili Roberts-Beresford on 020 7594 4982 or by email, .

Come and visit us!

Our At-home Receptions give you and your daughter a slice of Junior School life.

At-home Receptions
Autumn Term 2020

Join us at one of our At-home Receptions, where you will discover more about Queen’s Gate’s vibrant, warm atmosphere. There will be a chance to meet with the Principal and the Director of the Junior School alongside our Head Girl and current parents before being taken on a tour by one of our pupils. Please register using the form below.

Our next At-home Receptions are on Wednesday 30 September, Tuesday 13 October, Monday 9 November and Friday 20 November at 9.15am. To register, please complete the form below.

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