Why study Biology?

Biology is a diverse, interesting and ever expanding subject. The subject will show you how living things are able to exist. These ideas will also show you how plants and animals interact with each other and with their environment and how differences between living things are passed on to the next generation and how they can change with time. To the impact Biology has on our everyday lives through, medicine, research and biotechnology amongst other things and you will better understand the science behind many key biological breakthroughs such as, stem cell research, cloning and human influences on the environment.

Biology is a popular subject at Queen’s Gate. It is taught by specialists as a single science throughout the school and our aim is for the girls to develop an interest and enjoyment of the subject both inside and outside the classroom at whatever level they are studying the subject. Each girl will also develop key practical skills and are encouraged to develop their communication skills as well, such as hold discussions, give presentations using information technology, problem solve and read and summarise information.