A balance between fun, learning and dedication makes the German department a happy, productive and successful environment in which to work and learn. Small classes enable each girl to get the attention she needs to achieve her potential and gain enjoyment through the ability to converse in such an important European language.

German can be studied from IV Form (Year 9) to Upper VI (Year 13).  In Upper V (Year 11) girls take the Edexcel IGCSE, in Year 12 the Edexcel AS German Examination and in Year 13 the Edexcel A2 examination.

Topics are studied through exercises developing all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), supplemented by thorough teaching of grammar. As a result, from an early stage, girls are using structures and vocabulary well beyond the course requirements, easing the transition from GCSE to A Level, as well as from the Sixth Form to further study of the language at University level.

A Level

Sixth Form language work is based on the exciting and challenging new specification from Edexcel, using the latest Edexcel A-Level text book. For the AS, themes made familiar at GCSE are revisited in greater depth and the focus begins to shift from the pupils themselves to the wider world. Key areas for study are: youth culture and concerns; lifestyle, health and fitness; the world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the target-language speaking world; education and employment. More challenging subjects for debate and discussion are introduced at A2 (customs, traditions, beliefs and religion; national and international events: past, present and future; Literature and the Arts), enabling pupils to express their opinions maturely on an extensive range of complex issues.



Unit  Content
 AS Spoken Expression and Response Candidates discuss a target-language stimulus card based on one of the AS topics and take part in a conversation.
Understanding and Written Response This unit, based on the four General Topic Areas prescribed for AS, consists of listening and reading tasks, eliciting a mixture of different response types.
 A2 Understanding and Spoken Response Candidates present, discuss and take a clear stance on any issue of their choice
Research, Understanding and Written Response This unit is based on the seven General Topic areas prescribed for A2. It requires students to demonstrate their skills in writing at an advanced level in the target language by means of a piece of translation from English into German, as well as a discursive or creative essay. The unit concludes with a research-based essay of 240-270 words, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to organize and develop their ideas on their chosen area of study, book, play or film.