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Religious Studies

Religious Studies aims to stress the importance of having well informed and carefully reasoned opinions about religious ideas and moral values.  Students are invited to consider for themselves the basic religious questions which have occupied human beings in all times and cultures e.g. Does God exist? Is there life after death? Students are encouraged to develop a positive, respectful and tolerant attitude to those who hold different beliefs or none and to enhance their own spiritual, moral and cultural development.

The Religious Studies Department is also responsible for organising the annual Harvest Festival and Remembrance Day services and liaises with the Music Department for the annual Carol Service.

Lower School

All students in Years 7-9 receive one lesson each week in Religious Studies.  During those three years they have an introduction to the major world faiths and learn about their beliefs and practices.  Students have the opportunity to see examples of the practice of religious worship as visits are organised to centres of faith such as the West London Synagogue and the Hindu Temple.

Year Topic 
Remove (Year 7) Christianity 
LIVth (Year 8) Judaism, Islam and Sikhism 
VIth (Year 9) Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism 


The GCSE course involves a detailed study of Mark's Gospel and Christian Ethics.  Students consider the relevance of Mark's Gospel for Christians today and how Christians make moral decisions on issues such as drugs, abortion and the use of medical technology. Students are encouraged to debate and inform their ideas by wider reading in order to give a reasoned personal response.

St Mark's Gospel Ethics 
Background The Right to Life 
Jesus' Ministry Medical Technology 
Jesus' Suffering, Death & Resurrection Personal Responsibility 
The Person of Jesus Social Responsibility 
Jesus' Relationship with Others Global Concerns 
Discipleship Conflict 

A Level

The Advanced level course enables students to develop logical and critical thinking skills by examining famous philosophical arguments such as the Cosmological and Teleological . Students are also introduced to the theology of the New Testament and investigate topics including the role of women in the New Testament, the role and interpretation of miracles and the significance of the crucifixion and resurresction narratives. A detailed study of Religious Experience is made for the AS examination and Religious Language for A2.

The department has an excellent academic record and many pupils over the years have gone on to study Philosophy and Theology at leading universities. 

AS and A2 Edexcel course content:

  • Teleological and Cosmological arguments for the existence of God
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Miracles
  • The role of women in the ministry of Jesus
  • Religious Experience
  • The Ontological argument
  • The crucifixion and resurrection narratives in the Fourth Gospel
  • Religious Language

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