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The Friendly French Exchange

Posted on 28 March 2017 by Miss Amy Hinds, Communications Officer

Each year LIV pupils spend a week on French Exchange, enhancing their language and communications with French partners. Head of French, Madame Collombon, recounts the time the girls had across the channel this March.

“We spent a lovely week in France, arriving by Eurostar on Thursday 16 March, ready for the week ahead. The 14 LIV girls jumped into action, having their school lessons in the morning with their exchange partners. They found the French school very different to Queen’s Gate as lessons are often less interactive and teachers more strict. The presence of boys was also a big difference from Queen’s Gate!

In the afternoons, Madame Riglet and myself accompanied the girls on visits. We went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa which is called La Joconde in French. We had a guided tour in French of medieval Paris and heard some horror stories from the Dark Ages. We went inside the beautiful Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

On one day we had a delicious lunch in a typical Parisian brasserie and then did some shopping in the atmospheric ‘rue de Passy’. The weekend was spent with families and was a chance to explore Paris further. It was a very successful stay and many of the girls who took part said they will meet with their exchange partners again in the future. We hope to have enabled some lifelong friendships and many enriching linguistic exchanges!”