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Posted on 11 September 2018 by Miss Emily Acton-Edmiston



The QG Remove clan arrived at their lovely accommodation in the heart of Dartmoor National Park at 12.30pm on Sunday. They began their afternoon with a tour of the grounds and discovered the huge garden, heated swimming pool and high ropes in the trees!

After discovering their comfy, ‘home away from home’ dorms, they were treated to a lunch of fresh sandwiches followed by a short hike on the Moors which included a swim in a natural pool! There were squeals as they entered the chilly water but a lot of fun was had by everyone!

‘It is like a big family here!’ Eleanor

      ‘It is so fun and we get to make new friends.’ Lana

A hearty dinner of homemade lasagna and salad was served at Moorland Hall to warm them all up after their afternoon on the Moors. Refuelled, the girls headed into groups for some fun evening activities. Tiredness began to set in once the activities were over and the girls fell asleep very quickly, ready for the next day ahead!


The girls woke up at 7am and enjoyed a warm, tasty breakfast before changing for the day’s activities: high ropes/Jacob’s ladder, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. They were all brilliant and got ready very quickly, impressing their instructors. The kayaking and canoeing took place on a beautiful lake and the gorge walk even involved jumping off a rock face into the bottom of a waterfall!

The afternoon saw some girls mountain biking along a challenging route on the rolling Moors whilst others took on another hike, enjoying the thrilling satisfaction of reaching the tor and taking in the amazing views of Dartmoor National Park. Despite all this physical activity, the girls still had enough energy for a swim in the pool at the end of the day!

Dinner was a delicious Indian curry and scrumptious apple crumble which everyone enjoyed. Team spirit really seems to be developing through the activities on offer and everyone is having a fantastic time so far!

‘I am sure I speak on behalf of everybody to say that this is the best trip ever!’ Allegra



Tuesday morning brought the infamous Devon Drizzle! However, nobody’s mood was dampened and the girls were full of energy at breakfast for another action-packed day ahead!

‘I don’t mind the rain when I have fun with my new friends!’ Chloe

Gorge walking under the rain was a real achievement for the girls who showed resilience and excellent ongoing team spirit. For other groups, climbing skills were tested up in the trees at Moorland Hall and time was spent around a fire where they were able to warm up homemade pancakes. Mountain biking on the Moors was also a fun filled adventure with fog and rain wrapped around the tors, making for an atmospheric journey!

Kayaking was a fantastic display of talent with some of the girls managing to stand in their kayaks again! After a very wet morning, the girls headed back for a bit of mindfulness and quiet games before lunch.

This afternoon’s activities include kayaking and hiking – they are going to be pros by the time they return to London! The teachers and instructors are most impressed with their positivity and energy today!

‘I didn’t think I could do the walk, I am very proud of myself!’ Sofia

‘My bed is so comfy, it was hard to get up but my dorm friends helped me!’ Sarina


Another fun packed day for Remove! We started by singing Happy Birthday to Valentine and Chloë and enjoying pancakes with maple syrup.

Half the group then went to the beautiful North Coast in Cornwall where they went body boarding. After a quick lesson and warm up on the sand we were out in the sea, catching the waves and riding them all the way to shore. The girls described it as a ‘super cool, wet rollercoaster!’

After a hearty lunch they went for a hike along the cliffs, taking in the breathtaking views. When they got down to the seaside, the sun came out and they finished the day with a delicious Cornish ice cream.

The other half of the group had a brilliant day mountain biking through the beautiful Devon moors, climbing up the high ropes, kayaking on the lake and learning survival skills. It was action packed and the sunshine at the end was a real treat.

The day ended with a delicious chicken pie to warm us up and some birthday cakes, followed by an evening of activities.

‘At Moorland Hall, you can be who you are.’ Daria


They woke on their last full day to a beautiful sunrise and croissants. The group split in two with half going to the North Coast for body boarding and a hike and the other half stayed around Devon for a variety of activities. Some went hiking and reached the summit of a hill where a Victorian stone cross was set up and from which they took in stunning views. They also had a special treat: peppermint cake! Another group went gorge walking, where they saw and climbed up a waterfall, conquering their fears and blossoming into true adventurers. The third group did some mountain biking along the moors, challenging themselves but having great fun!

‘We should have this much fun all the time!’ Santa

While reflecting on their highlights of the week, a number of girls boasted about their newly learnt survival skills. They learnt to make and put up shelters, which caused lots of laughter when the wind came and blew the tent down over some of them. At the end of the session, they had mastered the art of starting a fire and even managed to make pancakes: a well deserved reward for their determination.

The group has shown true resilience, friendship and strength this week. Despite being out of their comfort zones, they supported each other through the challenges and really grew in self-confidence and independence. The teachers were very impressed with how they coped and encouraged each other through their initial fears and anxieties. They showed team skills and unity, while flourishing with uniqueness.

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