Travelling the Ocean in this year’s Remove Showcase

Posted on 13 March 2018 by Miss Emily Acton-Edmiston

The annual Remove Showcase took place in the Senior School Hall on Friday 9 March with Ocean World by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon featuring as the musical theme. Parents and Heads from the girls’ former Prep Schools were invited to attend and see all the exciting things the girls have been taking part in since starting their Queen’s Gate careers last September.

Whilst guests were arriving and settling into their seats a Musical Prelude took place with performances on the violin, saxophone, flute, bassoon and koto.

During the Showcase girls sang beautifully about the many creatures in the sea, in front of a beautiful ocean background. There were also LAMDA presentations, a karate display, a debate about the existence of zoos, a Latin play and some science experiments for the audience to see.

The show concluded with the Remove girls who joined Queen’s Gate from different schools in September talking about their experience since joining. The video from their trip to Normandy at the start of the year was a lovely way to show how they had been welcomed into the Queen’s Gate family.

The girls raised £215.00 during the day for the WWF. Well done to everyone for putting together a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and for raising such a great amount for this worthy cause!