LIV’s Make and Buy Sale Success!

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Miss Amy Hinds, Communications Officer

The LIV’s annual Make and Buy Sale took place on Wednesday 22 February in the Senior School Hall. Each year the event shows the true camaraderie of these young pupils, with both form groups taking hold of a number of stands, with their own creations to sell.

When the doors opened the Senior School Hall was full of eager customers, with pupils selling everything from cookies and cakes to emoji t-shirts, slime and stress balls! Handmade pom poms and choker necklaces were amongst popular items, as well as decorated phone covers.

The girls raised a whopping £878.83 from the sale, an incredible total for 30 mins selling! The vote for which charity the money will go to will happen later in the week, and a huge well done goes to Mrs Hutton (LIVHH) and Mrs Coulton (LIVLC) for their support of their forms’ ventures!

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