Biathlon Training – Spanish Style

Posted on 25 September 2018 by Miss Emily Acton-Edmiston

On Friday 21 September, a group of Senior School pupils departed for Calella, a Spanish seaside town an hour north of Barcelona, for a long weekend of Biathlon training.

Day 1

The girls completed a 30 minute acclimatisation beach run and took part in their first swimming session in the Olympic Swimming Pool at the Crol Centre.

Day 2

The second day saw more excellent training from the girls, with a tough swim in the morning, followed by a wholesome lunch and some rest and recovery time. Study time was of course not forgotten before the girls embarked on the hike and run in the hills above Calella (‘Les Torretes’). All of the group ran extremely well and worked hard to complete all of the session.

Day 3

The group completed a time trial for their required Biathlon swimming distance (either 50m, 100m or 200m), followed by the third swimming session.We also spent the afternoon at the beach, cooling off in the sea, visiting the Calella Festival and finishing with Pizza night! All of the girls worked very hard, yet again – a great day!

Day 4

On the final day in Calella, the girls completed their last swimming session, where they worked very hard after four consecutive days of training. The group also completed the track training session, working on their speed and stamina for their up-coming track distances of 800m and 1600m. Congratulations to all of the girls, for their efforts and excellent training ethic on the trip. They are now looking forward to more training in London and the Biathlon Qualifying Competition!