Junior School Admissions

Admission to Queen’s Gate Junior School

Coronavirus Update – 18.03.20

Despite visit restrictions to the School due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we continue to welcome enquiries from prospective parents.

The Director of the Junior School, Mr James Denchfield, is keen to meet parents through online video calls and can assess prospective pupils remotely, either via on-line assessment or by sending existing papers. All correspondence should continue to come to the Registrar, Mrs Ceili Roberts-Beresford on 020 7594 4982 or by email, .

Queen’s Gate Junior School Admissions

We are delighted that you may be considering making an application for your daughter to join Queen’s Gate Junior School.  Before proceeding, we would like to encourage you to view our prospectus and also take time to book a private visit in order to experience the warmth and quality of life at Queen’s Gate.

The main point of entry is at 4+, but we are pleased to welcome pupils into other years of the School should places become available. Details of the new 7+ Albertopolis Scholarship can be found here.

For 4+ entry, parents are invited to attend one of our At-home Receptions in the Autumn Term prior to entry, and a parent interview is arranged with the Director of the Junior School.  The 4+ assessments take place in the January prior to entry. Prospective parents are encouraged to register at least a year in advance so that we are able to contact them about dates and procedures for their year of entry.

An appointment can be made to meet the Director of the Junior School and tour the school by using the enquiry form or by contacting the Registrar on 0207 594 4982 or by email,  for any other enquiries.