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A wide range of activities takes place before school, during the day and after school.  For those who love their sport and enjoy an early start, there is cross country running, rock climbing, swimming and hockey and netball coaching at 7 am on different mornings, followed by breakfast back at school.

During the day and after school there is yoga, gymnastics, kickboxing, swimming, dance and fencing.

There are music clubs for all ages and talents, providing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy music making with others. Every girl in the school is a member of a choir, and there is a thriving orchestra and Jazz group.

There is also a full programme of lunchtime clubs which may include Chess, Pen Pal club, Computing, Science, Story Telling, Paper Craft, Mindfulness, Art and Design, Philosophy and Comic Book Making and Debating.

After Schools clubs include Drama and a very popular Mathematics Club!