Junior School Library

Junior School Library

Don’t be fooled! A library may LOOK like a room, But really, it is a magical street Lined with many-coloured doors.  

…Gallop away! Explore all the doors, Discover the wide world that is called Imagination, And you will not be fooled By clever disguises.    

A library only LOOKS like a room.

– From ‘L is for Library’ by Clare Bevan in Read Me At School: A Poem About School for Everyday of the Year.

The Library in the Junior School occupies a bright and inviting L-shaped room on the first floor, adjacent to the Hall. The Library benefits from abundant natural light, making it an ideal place for studying and reading.  The cosy Reading Alcove at the far end of the room, with its bean bags and large windows, is a favourite place during break and after lunch.

Throughout their time in the Junior School girls are encouraged to make full use of the Library and are taught library skills by the Librarian, who works closely with subject teachers and Form Teachers.


Each form room has its own Fiction Library and in the main Library we currently house a small fiction section (700 titles). The majority of the 3800 books in the Library are non-fiction. The collection is still growing and, once at maximum capacity, should consist of approximately 5000 titles.  The Library subscribes to several periodicals, including First News for Kids and National Geographic Kids.

There is a large interactive screen and a computer for cataloguing and for accessing software programs.


Mrs E. Scott, Librarian MSc LISA

Sig.na C. Podavitte, School Archivist and Assistant Librarian

A team of trained Library Prefects and Pupil Librarians assist the Librarians during break and after lunch.