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FCOPI Cambodia Project Update

Foursquare Children of Promise International would like to thank Queens Gate for your continued support. FCOPI has rapidly grown in the past months. We are very excited that we have now visited 10 of the 106 homes (96 homes to go). Since September they have taken an additional 250 children, adding to their current number of approximately 3000 in their care so they greatly appreciate all support they get, and clothes always are a big need. A special thanks to the Li family organizing the collection and personally delivering them to us in Hong Kong, although hopefully one day they will come with us and deliver to Cambodia and see the smiles for themselves.

FCOPI are doing extremely well and are growing each and everyday. Their key goal in the running of their organization is to work themselves out of a job so that in the future they can be fully self sufficient, and are continuously looking for ways to do this. They are in the processes of expanding their rice production farm, which will allow production to go from 2.5 tons to 30 tons per hectare per year and reduce the need to rely on ‘charity’ to feed their children.

More exciting news, Sou Olbrich (Sou and her husband founded the organisation) was awarded the "Medal of Service" by Prime Minister Hun Sen through the Minister of Social Affairs, Ith Sam Heng, at a special ceremony. Sou, as President of FCOPI was recognized, for the contribution the organization has made over the past fourteen years to Cambodian orphans, widows and the poor. The government also awarded a special certificate of appreciation. Present to receive this honor were several orphans who have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, nurses, mechanics, agriculturists, and medical technicians through the continuing education funds from the donors of FCOPI. The ceremony was shown repeatedly on Cambodian television for several days, and appeared on the front-page of Cambodia's most widely read newspaper.

Once again your love and care for these orphans is extremely appreciated.


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